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Last updated: 8 June 2015
Images of British and European moth preparations.
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Recently added:

1 June 2015
Plutella porrectella male
Gravitarmata margarotana female
Dichrorampha sequana female
Timandra comae male
Lampropteryx suffumata female
Perizoma flavofasciata male
Plagodis dolabraria male
Opisthograptis luteolata female
Cabera pusaria male
Lacanobia w-latinum male
Lacanobia thalassina female

14 May 2015
Udea olivalis female

11 May 2015
Pseudococcyx turionella female

8 May 2015
Epinotia mercuriana female - male
Thiodia citrana female
Metacrambus carectellus male
Cynaeda dentalis female
Anania fuscalis female